A Time-Series Database Analysis Based on a Multi-attribute Maturity Model

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Time Series Database (TSDB), is a particular type of data repository. TSDBs are capable of diverse functionalities regarding operations on time series data and are developed using different technologies. A large number of TSDB solutions, available both as open source and commercial software, has emerged in the last years. Selecting the proper TSDB is a challenging endeavour for a potential enterprise client. In this paper, a set of open-source TSDBs which includes InfluxDB, Graphite, RRDTool, Prometheus, OpenTSDB and TimescaleDB - has been selected for analysis, evaluation and ranking. A comparison of TSDBs implies the establishment of a set of attributes. A set of quantitative and qualitative attributes which have different scales and units of measure has been selected. The problem of selecting or ranking TSDBs evaluated in this paper with a set of attributes is a Multi-Attribute Decision Making problem (MADM). For solving the TSDBs evaluation, analysis and selection a multi-attribute TSDBs maturity model has been proposed. The model for the selected TSDBs set and for the 18 attributes, 10 quantitative and 8 qualitative, has been validated. The model for all the attributes, both quantitative and qualitative, has been solved and, finally, a comparison between the obtained rankings has been made. The comparison of the ranks obtained shows that the leading TSDB is InfluxDB.
Time Series database, Quantitative and qualitative attributes, Maturity models, Multi-attribute method, Time Series database comparison