Mobile investigations – capture, analyze, and store sensitive data

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Today's smart mobile device stores user contacts, social networking data, instant messaging, runs text messaging, retains information about phone calls, the text sent and received in messages, contains attachment emails, navigation logs, and geolocation data, stores images and videos made with your own camera, "holds" cloud passwords, services, forums, online portals, and shopping sites plus many other data stored in memory. Such a smart device (nowadays omnipresent) becomes (as exemplified above) a complex storage of sensitive data. Collecting these data (transformed into digital evidence) is particularly important in situations where the phone (or its owner) may be the subject (s) of criminal, civil, accidental (informative) or corporate investigations. Extracting this information, as well as „intelligently cataloguing” data to turn it into solid and complex evidence, is the ultimate result of applying advanced acquisition and analysis algorithms. With different operating systems and technological expansion, mobile forensics evolved at the same pace, developing new methods practical collection of evidence contained by mobile devices.
Mobile device, mobile forensic, operating systems, sensitive data