Growing the e-health business with personalised models for a non-invasive monitoring and health assessment system assisting elderly people

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Today's challenges of the IT tools assisting medical care for seniors generate obviously technological updates and a new strategy for health care systems at national level as well as at community level within which, seniors, an important segment of the XXI century's population both quantitatively or qualitatively, occupies an important place. The current framework of the e-health systems and applications is objectively shaped by the dynamics of innovative IT tools availability, the dynamics of threats and vulnerabilities of seniors' health, the dynamics of needs for health care, home care and social care services. An entire market with innovative solutions addressing the services for seniors' health care has emerged and generated projects cover partially the seniors' needs. The efficiency of the financial support of such projects is clearly sustained by a good strategy of results dissemination and communication but mainly, a strategy for results exploitation based on classic, innovative or personalized business models. The paper presents some research results regarding the valorization of a ehealth solution for seniors if a personalized business model is foreseen to be used in parallel with the e-health system developing phases.
e-health, homecare, business models, exploitation