E-Learning Process through Cloud Facilities

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e-Learning platforms help users (students / learners, tutors / instructors and administrators) aiming to offer them the information they need in order to develop their educational activities at the right time, following an appropriate format and in the location they desire. Along with the development of Internet, the need for virtual systems that would allow users to migrate data, e-mails, applications etc. has emerged, these virtual systems becoming the Cloud Computing technology. The current paper highlights the results of implementation of a Cloud system dedicated to citizens, public institutions and academia. ICIPRO project (Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions in Romania) was implemented at ICI Bucharest with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Open Data and Virtual Library. So far, 32 institutions have been affiliated and are using this Cloud infrastructure, including 4 libraries and 5 universities. The logical architecture of the ICIPRO Cloud system presented in this paper meets the highest business requirements, such as security, availability, ease of administration and resource optimization. In order to accomplish this, the system has been divided into several subsystems, such as: the Infrastructure Management Subsystem that relies on a suite of applications required to manage and monitor the virtualization platform, the dedicated server subsystem where powerful servers can meet requirements specific to mission critical environments, with on-the-fly activation / deactivation of Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) enabled processing kernels, 2 high-capacity subsystems consisting of high-density servers designed for Cloud Computing environments, that rack up to a high processing capacity and provide high performances, compared to power consumption.
Cloud Computing; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Virtual Library, e-Learning