Smart technology, overview, and regulatory framework

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Smart systems are already part of our lives. Modern technologies entered our lives with the first industrial revolution, when machines first began helping or replacing humans in work. This was followed by the needs of communities to improve the life of people in common tasks such as lighting, street cleaning, garbage collection and processing, water management, energy management, etc. Lastly, as the technology developed and, eventually, became more and more miniaturized and improved, the needs of individuals joined. While, at the beginning of the process, risks were more physical and related to technology reliability, we are facing new challenges that need to be tackled on multiple layers, from regulatory perspectives, to energy safety, personal security, to usage of personal data or remote alteration of equipment. Currently technologies know more about our lives, needs, habits, than ever before and we, as individuals and communities, must ensure a safe use of these systems for people literate or illiterate in state of the art technologies or cybersecurity. Therefore, the article will provide a brief technological insight to smart systems, as well as a brief overview to the European Union regulatory framework and initiatives on smart systems and technologies.
smart system, smart technology, regulatory framework, cybersecurity