Secure learning management system based on user behavior

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The COVID-19 outbreak is an international problem and has affected people and students all over the world. When lockdowns were imposed internationally, learning management systems began to be used more than in the previous period. These systems have been used also for traditional forms of learning and not only for online learning. This pandemic has highlighted the need for online learning systems in the educational environment, but it is very important for these systems to be secure and to verify the authenticity of the students when they access a course or evaluation questions. In this period, everything is moving towards the digital world, with students that are connected from a distance to online systems. All activities in the educational environment will soon be performed digitally on learning management systems, which includes also the evaluation process of the students. In this paper, we propose a secure learning management system that uses the student’s behavior to identify if they are an authentic student or not. This system can support the teacher’s activities in the learning process and verify the authenticity of the students logged on to the system. This paper is aimed at learning management system developers, who can use the proposed algorithms in their developed platforms, and also at teachers, who should understand the importance of the identification of students on these platforms.
e-learning, behavior, platform, algorithm, biometric