Data Acquisition Process for Smart Systems

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Software systems are mainly aiming at solving some problems in the real world. Today we are talking about decision systems or intelligent systems that, based on certain inputs, develop single decision models and transmit these decisions to other executing systems. Especially in the internet of things technologies this approach is applied. The problem that arises and is analysed in this material is regarding the data acquisition process. Intelligent systems make decisions based on the data collected, in most cases from autonomous and heterogeneous sources. The hardware and software tools are developed so that data collection is performed automatically, involving data validationin the collection process involves. The classic IT infrastructure monitoring solutions are based on methods of collecting the states and parameters of operating devices and services using standard protocols, such as SNMP or IPMI, for the purpose of alerting IT personnel using configurable alert templates and thresholds. These solutions involve installing agent programs on the monitored machines that send the data to the machine dedicated to the monitoring. In this paper, we propose an architecture for collecting raw data from heterogeneous sources, means of storing and pre-processing data, and means for data analysis.
Data Acquisition, Smart Systems, Optimizing, Data Collection, IoT Data