Digital transformation of marketing

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The right key to an effective marketing activity is not the technique used, it is not the large amount of data but the immediate control of the useful information, knowing the preferences of the customers, the actions of the competition, which are constantly changing. In the information age, this study through ICT means has become a common practice. The article is a theoretical approach that highlights the transformations of information technology in marketing, with focus on the software tools that can be used on the Internet to improve the marketing activity of an organization but also to reduce costs, which is noticeable in the market economy. The paper provides an overview of the techniques and tools used for high performance digital marketing. A presentation of the new trends is included, pointing in fact to the digital transformation of marketing. Also, the electronic marketing course named M&M_e-course is presented; by making use of this course, marketing specialists and students can improve their knowledge.
Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Machine Learning