Towards the Development of an Innovative Platform for the Systematization and Preservation of the Romanian Literary Patrimony

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Romanian Academy-Centre for Transylvanian Studies
In this paper we present a solution that represents both an open portal to the digital era and also a possible answer to the problems of preservation and conservation of the Romanian literary patrimony. This solution consists in the development of a digital platform, by which literary works, manuscripts, editions of a work, bibliographies, dictionaries of Romanian Literature and many other documents will be stored, analyzed and processed. It will also facilitate quick access to literature and related materials for everyone. The development of an integrated software platform will represent the basis for the communication and distribution of materials from the field of Romanian literary culture to a large audience, information that will be available in any field: academic, scientific, personal development etc. Thus, it is possible to digitize documents from the cultural heritage, promote them both nationally and internationally, protect original documents, allow simultaneous viewing by many users, and allow remote access anytime. Thus, this proposal will contribute to systematization and preservation the Romanian literary patrimony by extracting and structuring knowledge from data sources such as the General Dictionary of Romanian Literature, The Chronology of Romanian Literary Life (1944-2000) and other such structured sources and unstructured ones provided by the Institute of History and Literary Theory. An important goal of the platform is to provide access to information and the related literature in an easy-to-access online environment.
digital era, preservation, valorization, literary patrimony, digital platform