The citizen and the challenges of the Information Society

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From a digital perspective, the challenge of the 2018-2020 society possesses a digital skill background that allows not only to fit into a particular job, but also to engage in the long-life education and training system for individuals. Digital skills include: 1) the ability to search, collect, process information and use it in a critical and systematic way; 2) The use of tools to produce, present and understand complex information; 3) The ability to access, search and use Internet-based services and 4) using the information society technology to support critical thinking, creativity and innovation. To be digitally competent implies the possession of knowledge, abilities and skills appropriate for information and communication technology. The digital skill is one of eight key competences, implying a reliable and critical use of the entire ICT range in all areas. Key competences are considered all equally important, because each of them can contribute to a successful life in the knowledge society. This study aimed at highlighting the challenges of the information society and presenting a model of competences that enables citizens to cope with the digital challenges.
information society, digital skills, competency model, ICT