Open Data Infrastructure: European Open Science Cloud

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This paper will present the leading trends in global open data infrastructures that are currently shaping the future of data-driven science with an emphasis on the European vision for open innovation and Cloud Computing. The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is part of the European Union’s (EU) strategy regarding the building of a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe. The EOSC also supports the EU’s policy on open science as it aims to give the Union a global lead in research data management, ensure that European scientists reap the full benefits of data-driven science and accelerate the transition to open science and open innovation. Moreover, our research will present the benefits of creating a pan-European federation of data infrastructures built around a federating core that provides access to a wide range of publicly funded services supplied at national, regional and institutional levels. Thusly, this open data pan-European infrastructure will offer access to researchers, students and various stakeholders to a vast array of information, data and services, facilitating the open learning process for all interested parties.
open science, open innovation, data infrastructures, cloud computing, open data