Power consumption minimization models in data centers

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In the last decades the energy consumption of data centers has increased exponentially. The high energy consumption is due to power consumption of the IT resources, to the cooling system and to the inefficient usage of the resources. From the total power consumption in a data center one half is consumed by active servers and another half is consumed by the cooling system, network of the data center etc. There are several techniques for increasing the efficient usage of the resources in a data center. One of these techniques is the virtualization technology. This enables each user to work with his own virtual machine that has its own operating system. The purpose of the present paper is to present an optimization model that tries to find the best allocation of virtual machines to servers in a data center that minimizes the overall power consumption. The model has two objective functions. The first objective function is the IT power consumption of the servers. The second objective function is connected with the power consumption of the cooling system. The aim of the model is the minimization of the two objective functions. Constraints are given on the resource availability of the server resources (CPU, memory, bandwidth etc). The decision variables of the model are represented by a matrix with binary entries that describes the allocation of virtual machines to servers and by a vector with binary entries that indicates the active servers. In the paper is used a new idea for cooling power minimization. In order to do this the variance of the consumed power of the servers is minimized. This ensures the minimization of cooling power. Starting from the above multi-objective model we formulate several single objective models.
0-1 programming, data center, virtual machines, power consumption minimization, cooling power minimization