An IoT, Virtual Machines and Cloud Computing-based Framework for an Optimal Management of Healthcare Data Collected from a Smart Environment. A Case Study: RO-Smart Ageing Project

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Globally, the population is ageing and the number of older people is increasing dramatically. These are challenges for healthcare systems because an increased need for medical assistance is related to ageing. The availability of health-related data and information is a main issue for assessing the health status of seniors, having an important impact on their quality of life. Due to Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, smart environment, and virtual machines, the traditional healthcare approaches are replaced by up-to-date (remote) health monitoring systems in smart environments. The paper presents the opportunities provided by such solutions for an appropriate management of older people health related information. RO-SmartAgeing, a remote health monitoring system based on IoT, is presented as a case study with the intention of revealing the rise of the efficiency and the decease of the response time in seniors remote monitoring systems.
Data Optimized Management, Ageing Population, Internet of Things, Virtual Machine, Elderly