Quiz logs Analyse on Moodle E-LEarning platform

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In the learning environment it starts to use mobile technologies to bring the education closer to the students. Teachers are producing a lot of materials and content for these applications, content that will be stored on mobile memory or it is better to use cloud technologies, and the mobile applications only to access the data from the cloud. The content stats to be very largely and easily we can speak about Big Data. Also, the activity of the students on applications is logged. These logs are saved for every action undertaken by the students and saved in the database. Using these logs in a smart way we can analyse them and predict the student's evolution. Also based on the analysis of these logs the teacher can improve the teaching mode adapting to the student's necessity. In this paper we analyse the logs of the student's activity in a quiz on the MOODLE platform to see the behaviour of the students in the moments of evaluation.
e-learning, MOODLE, students, logs, evaluation, analyse