IoT-Based Healthcare Remote Monitoring Platform for Elderly with Fog and Cloud Computing

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In the context of a fast aging population and of its increasing need for healthcare and assistance, ubiquitous usage of Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart applications can mitigate the consequential social burden. Connected sensors and devices inside the seniors' home produce a significant amount of data about them and their daily activities. IoT and Big Data Analytics (BDA) are an important mean to derive knowledge and support for improving the life conditions for the older adults by increasing the role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for accomplish this goal. IoT analytics can aid in personalizing applications that benefit both elderly people and the ever-growing industries that need adapt their offer to the consumer's profiles. This paper presents a new platform that enables innovative analytics on IoT captured data from smart residences of elderly people. A solution based on the use of fog nodes and cloud system is suggested in order to afford data-driven services and to manage the complexity and provision of the necessary resources for online and offline data processing, storage, and analysis. The requirements and the design of the platform architecture are underlined. We propose an architecture of a platform based on fog computing nodes coupled with cloud computing that offers an efficient near real time processing of the big data resulted from IoT system that provides insights and data processing and analysis facilities into cloud. This integrated design has an important impact on time sensitive applications by addressing the latency issues of cloud.
Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, fog computing, cloud computing, health