Data fusion technique in spider peer-to-peer networks in smart cities for security enhancements

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An exciting piece of information was tweeted at the Microsoft Build 2017 conference, regarding the global Internet traffic. While, in 1992 the global Internet traffic was about 0.001 GB/s, today the global Internet traffic is estimated to 20,000 GB/s. This significant figure sets the plot for an interconnected environment that shares media content and sensors data. The most suitable environment for such a paradigm is a Smart-City. We present two data fusion techniques, which apply to the SPIDER Peer-to-Peer overlay.. The proposed methods take into consideration the architecture of the SPIDER overlay, which is formed by rings and chains; thus both chain and ring approaches are considered. Another contribution to this research is the analysis and presentation of two case scenarios of IoT in Smart Cities. The first scenario presents a novel approach to Smart-Streets and the second one describes a Waste recycling IoT scenario. The efficiency of the data fusion methods was evaluated through experimental data sets for different size neighborhoods.