Data catalog in Cloud environment for natural disasters

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At this moment there is a continuing development of the sources and the amount of geospatial data stored and, in the same time, a growing demand for access to these data. Creating a web platform with a role in managing and aggregating this data, as well as facilitating access to structured information based on different user-selected criteria, is of major importance. It is necessary to develop information systems for the storage of information, processing and visualization of data related to major disasters and crisis, with the purpose of monitoring and mitigating the effects, as well as development of system recording tools, visualization, processing and reporting of current and historical events. This paper presents a cloud-based information platform to support major disasters and crisis monitoring. The platform is based on a data catalogue and database queries, which can be developed by completing the current data base with up-to-date information, integrating new data sources and correlation with external platforms. The proposed platform architecture, workflow, basic functionalities, deployment details and experimental results are described.
Cloud Platform, Data Models, Geospatial Data, Model View Controller, Web Crawling