The Software Tool for ICT Training Programs

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This paper presents the software solution (tool) developed in our research institute for management the activities in ICT training programs.National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics - I.C.I. Bucharest was established in 1970 and represents the most important Institute in information and communication technology development, research and innovation (ICT) in Romania. The ICI Bucharest is a part of national network of education and research, with many projects in educational domain – academic or lifelong learning fields. One of the research directions is to design, create, develop and implement the software solutions (tools) for educational field. In this context, in our institute, for three years, there is a training centre which carry out training programs in ICT domain. The Lifelong Learning Centre is a structure within the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest providing ICT training services under the conditions stipulated by law. The Centre’s trainers are academics or researchers with a huge experience in ICT, which meet the need to improve learners and which create a scientific community to promote the ICT skills for all types of learners. The courses are authorized, and are carried out after a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education and are structured in a theoretical and practical part. As a part of program management, the software tool is focused on management of all activities which are necessary to course progress, starting with the student registration and ending with the passing exam. The software tool has many software modules such as: the module which describe the training program, including the curricula, the structure of training program (number of course, number of application, number of research and so on), the teachers (for theoretical part and for practical part of program), the bibliography and the distribution to week; the module which describe the steps to enroll in a program – the student file (with type of personal acts), the distribution in a class, the exam file (for participation to the course and for graduation);the monitoring module that supervises the proper functioning of the parameters of software application (hardware and software parameters, input/output signal and so on). Each module has a control software whose purpose is to integrate all actions into the workflow on which a training program is based. This paper describes all the necessary steps and presents all the modules available for the proper organization of the ICT programs.
ICT training program, software tool, ICT research, software modules