Integrated Information System for Management of Educational Activities

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This paper presents an Integrated information system used for educational activities management. This system contains several modules which are necessary to project, develop and implement the educational activities. In the same time, this system realizes the management of resources applicable in educational process such as: human resources, logical resources and time resources. All these resources are working together for development educational activities. From curriculum to classroom, educational activities are numerous, complex because a complete cycle is needed to implement an educational program. The system is flexible, versatile and transparent in terms of access and location of information, data replication and updating in distributed databases, control procedures, transfer of data, ensuring the feedback for a continuous comparison and evaluation of the actions undertaken in relation to what has previously been planned. The Integrated Information System for management of Educational Activities (IISMEA) is based on open - source solutions and functional software modules, which aim to reduce the complexity of the conceptual separation between strategic decision and operational activities. This system is a subject of research project coordinated by National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – ICI Bucharest. The consortium for the implementation of the project consists of three research/academic institutions and two industrial companies and the beneficiary is represented by academic institutions. This project is a part of National Research Program that promotes the public-private partnership for digitization process of Romanian educational institutions, especially in new pandemic COVID-19 context. In order to achieve the objectives of the research work and to ensure the results, versatility and future development capability, the functional blocks of the platform are structured in 9 modules. These modules are: M1. Module for integrated management of identity and access rights. Unique authentication system, M2. Module for management of educational processes, procedures and activities, M3. Module of management of educational programs and projects, M4. Institution Resource Management Module, M5. Module of document and communication management, M6. Analytics and dashboard (BI), M7. Notification, M8. Monitoring platform technical parameters, M9. Monitoring platform availability. This paper demonstrates the possibility of implementing an IISMEA through open-source solutions. The advantages of these solutions are: high accessibility, the modularization of the applications and portability.
integrated information system for the management of educational activities, educational/academic institutions, open-source solutions, soa architecture