An Ontology-Based E-Learning Approach for the Healthcare Management System

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The health human resources are the most important and most expensive in the health system, and their management is considered a basic component of the health institutions success. The integration of semantic web technologies in knowledge management and e-learning structure, assure the semantic interoperability. This paper proposes an environment of e-learning based on new semantic technologies able to manage the process of building personalized educational content for training university hospital managers. The necessity of development of such a system results from the competence requirements for the specialists of human resources management (HRM) in the medical system. These goals are achieved using ontologies in implementing the personalized process of learning and in modelling the learning flow. Ontologies are used to model student profile, educational domain and learning process. These models are implemented into an intelligent learning Web platform. This ontology-based platform offers the specific tools to implement a new mechanism to obtain the relevant information from Internet. The implementation of personalization in the e-learning system is achieved starting from the student model to determine the knowledge level and to identify their preferences and interests. The students receive the learning material according to their profile, learning style, initial knowledge and education needs. Learning style and student's profile are the most important parameters in determining individual differences and define the adaptive learning environments. The e-learning prototype system contributes to increase the performance, skills and capacity to assess the health managers, proposes an automatized search method for the desired and needed information in the identified specific professional domain.
e-learning, ontology, semantic web, personalization, student's profile, learning style, healthcare