Health Monitoring management solution centred on the Cloud of Things service integrator

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Cloud-Internet of Things based solutions exploit the benefits of complementarity between the two technologies. Due to its specificity, the Ambient Assisted Leaving is a priority domain to implements such solutions, with main focus on health and behaviour monitoring. The paper provides the business architecture and generic specifications for a management system with a two-fold objective: to support the configuration of the integrated offer of services specific to Cloud of Things based monitoring, in relation with various providers of these services, and to efficiently administrate the implementation and usage of this offer, in collaboration with its users and beneficiaries. The solution is dedicated to the service integrator, who plays the central role and has the main responsibility in capitalizing this offer on the market. To emphasize this particularity, the focus is put on the business architecture of this management solution specifying the participants, their roles and interactions. For the information management system supporting this architecture, the conceptual schema of the database is detailed. Finally the paper outlines an instantiation of this solution in case of health monitoring, with the focus on outpatient setting. A further development of the current solution envisages of this architecture to the institutionalized patients setting.
Ambient Assisted Living, health monitoring, Cloud of Things, integrated service offer, management system, business architecture, conceptual schema