Aggregating an Optimized Management of Healthcare Data from an IoT-Enabled Smart Environment with Virtual Machines and Cloud Computing. A Case Study

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The global population is ageing at a sharp pace. Elderly is particularly associated with an increased need for social and medical assistance, home care and nursing houses. The existence of complete and correct information is critical to assessing the health condition of seniors, improving well-being and health-related quality of life. Health monitoring systems in smart environments become a viable alternative to traditional healthcare solutions. This paper aims to highlight the opportunities brought by an Internet of Things-enabled smart environment, cloud computing and virtual machines for a proper management of healthcare data. The ongoing project RO-SmartAgeing is presented as a case study for how these technologies can be rightsized in order to increase efficiency and the response time in the remote monitoring of a senior.
virtual machine, IoT, healthcare data, smart environment, cloud computing, senior patient