A Sociological Approach of Cyberspace Social Order. Deviance, Social Norms and Social Control of Digital Environment

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The invasion of the daily world by the digital has led to the need for scientific understanding of the functioning of this space. In this paper I will analyse from a sociological point of view the social order of digital space, cyber crime and cyber security having as a premise the fact that digital space facilitates the deviance because its intrinsic characteristics but also because it is still an anomic environment. For this purpose, I analysed comparatively a series of pairs: norms and social order - digital social order, social deviance - cybercrime, social control - cybersecurity. From the analysis made it follows that the theories formulated by sociology to explain the classical social reality are also applicable to the understanding of the digital space. The general rules of behavior, the trends and biasis of people can be found in the cybernetic environment.
digital social order, cybercrime, cybersecurity