Integrated support based on IoT technologies for improving the elderly’s quality of life

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The worldwide increasing pace of population leads to the need to prepare health and social care systems for the elderly. In this context, there are challenges to develop technologies that meet the needs of older adults, to adapt to their cognitive and perceptual decline. The vINCI project develops an integrated and validated Internet of Things (IoT) framework that is able to improve occupational health care by providing monitoring and support to older people. This naturally leads to a better quality of life and an increase in the active aging of system users. This paper presents design considerations for the vINCI monitoring system, features of the technology used, which facilitate the communication, interaction and exploitation of data received from IoT devices. The collected data will be used to build personalized patient monitoring models. vINCI provides a feasible opportunity for older people to independently assess their quality of life and risk factors, as well as to receive direct feedback that would allow them to take appropriate measures to improve their living conditions and prevent unwanted adverse events that may affect their physical and mental health.
Internet of Things - IoT, Quality of Life - QoL, elderly, vINCI project