Next generation IoT and its influence on decision-making. An illustrative case study

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The next generation of IoT is characterized by the usage of smart solutions with embedded intelligence at the edge that relies on high connectivity, processing capabilities for edge devices and real-time analysis of information. This evolution is based on the convergence of some key ICT technologies like hyperconnectivity and new network architectures, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Considering the high expectations regarding the wide use in various domains of the new, interoperable IoT platforms built on these technologies, it is assumed that they will influence also the decision-making processes specific to these domains. The paper provides a short overview of these technologies with the aim to identify such potential influences. Then a case study in the field of health monitoring is presented, which consists in proposing a new version of a current pilot solution built around the sensing service offer integrator role. This new version is compliant with the RO-Smart Ageing architecture and will provide specific support for all three decision levels implemented in the medical unit practice, with special emphases on risk evaluation in real time monitoring regime.
Next generation IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence, collaborative decision-making, health monitoring, smart ageing architecture