Integrated Consumer Technologies for Older Adults' Quality of Life Improvement: the vINCI Project

A low physical activity is one of the most important lifestyle risk factors for many chronic conditions in the older age. To tackle this issue, the consequences of which have relevant impact on the sustainability of national welfare in many developed countries, consumer technologies may be leveraged to offer easy-to-use tools enabling older adults to optimize their health-related quality of life, and promote an active and healthy longevity. This paper describes a technical platform named vINCI, obtained by the integration of consumer technologies with Assisted Living solutions and services, where multiple wearable devices work together to create an aggregated solution able to capture the various facets of events leading to the decrease in the perceived health-related quality of life, as typically associated with old age. Supporting the feedback of specialized medical evaluations, the vINCI technology enables elderly not only to self-evaluate their physical activity level, but also to change their behaviors and lifestyle in the long-term.
Consumer technologies integration, Assisted Living, Quality of Life, platform