Virtual library – e-content management solution for public institutions

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This paper presents a solution for e-content management from Romanian Public libraries, which allows the free access to documents from these libraries. This solution is hosted in a cloud managed by National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics together with other applications used by Romanian public institutions. The Virtual Library service is a service for public institutions that requires a content management platform that will allow the archiving and publication of electronic documents. (ELO Enterprise). This library represents a web portal solution that allows access to information both from the inside and from the outside access. Access can only be restricted and available to a particular institution. For each institution that chooses to use this service, two sections are available: one with free access, open to the general public, and one with restricted access available only to that institution. The application allows electronic recording, scanning and storage of any document entered into the institution. The sources of information from which the documents entered into the institution can be captured are multiple. For example, paper documents can be scanned using system scanning functionalities and recorded using the available registry module. Also, by integrating with MS Outlook and Lotus Notes email clients, emails received by the institution can be saved in the central electronic archive and recorded through the registry module. And documents received on fax can be recorded in the registry module provided by ELO Enterprise. ELO can upload documents of both public and internal interest. The application allows you to access content through both a web interface and through client applications dedicated to smart mobile devices (tablet or smartphone). The smartphone client in virtual library allows access to documents everywhere in a comfortable manner. The mobile smartphones solution allows its users to always have information on their own business. VL offers users modern document search tools, both after their set of attributes and by identifying in the content of text documents that meet the search criteria. Search engine included in ELO Enterprise offer information logically related to the search request. It provides the ability to reuse search badges, filter search results if the resulting document set is too large, and sort search results. In conclusion, the virtual library allows e-content management from all public institutions and users can access these documents and information used all types of devices.
virtual library, elo enterprise, e-content, e-documents