Using Data Mining Techniques in Online Coching Sessions to Identify Clusters of Client Typologies

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This article explains how one of the most popular coaching tools, the coaching sessions' journal, could identify the clusters of pattern behavior and analyze the clients' typologies using artificial intelligence such as data mining techniques, pattern recognition technologies and Big Data analytics in Cloud Computing. It is a known fact that the coaching process determines the increase of individual performance and the achievement of excellence in a certain domain, therefore, in this paper we provide related research that reviews and describes the techniques of data mining. The main steps in the process are: identification of the relevant parameters from the coaching sessions' journal; collecting and anonymized data pick-up from the investigation and integration into Big Data application; analyzing data using a data mining model; validation of the data results based on clusters and their interpretation. As this research will reveal, the investigated subjects need at least one personal development online coaching session.
data mining, coaching session's journal, big data analytics, cloud computing, pattern recognition