Precision Healthcare, the Next Step for Pursuing Customized Disorder Detection and Prediction Healthcare Systems

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Precision Healthcare offers an approach to a personalized and patient-centered care that increases the impact and the adoption of evidence-based preventive interventions. Based on individual patient genetic profile in convergence with clinical, societal, environmental and lifestyle-related data, Precision Healthcare takes fully advantage of the advancements in digital technology and health research to reconfigure the traditional medicine approach by providing customized comprehensive healthcare managements at the right time. Moreover, it encompasses the shift of the patient into an active actor involved in most of the medical procedures and services that target him/her, highly-aware about the importance of personal data and personalized healthcare. In this context, Customized Disorder Detection and Prediction Healthcare Systems are becoming indispensable drivers for leveraging the quality and accuracy of early diagnostic, appropriate therapeutic protocols, prevention strategies and prediction models. This paper aims to present the most important features of Precision Healthcare that sustain Customized Disorder Detection and Prediction Healthcare Systems that are demanded by the current empowered patient. As a practical illustration of the above mentioned key elements, RO-SmartAgeing system is presented as a case study. The architecture of a further exten of ation of this system using chatbots is included.