Asistent software de evaluare a utilizabilității aplicațiilor web din domeniul medical

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Accessing information and medical services is a fundamental human right, whether it is provided in the online or in the classical environment. The widespread of internet use has produced a change in the users’ preferences, shifting the attention towards electronic health care or monitoring services provided through medical Web applications. In this context, developers must provide quality information products capable of offering a proper functional framework for accomplishing specified tasks, with a focus on eliminating barriers that may hinder access to people with diminished physical or cognitive capabilities. As the ageing process brings substantial changes in the optimum functioning of a person, people over 65 years old are considered a vulnerable group, prone to isolation. The decline in vision, hearing, memory, cognitive or motor impairment, often leads to a difficult relationship with technology. Hence, the need to design interfaces that meet the specific needs and requirements of this category of users. This paper highlights the implementation phase and the main functions of a software tool dedicated to assist the usability evaluation of healthcare Web applications, in the case of elderly people. This tool supports evaluators in the registration of usability problems and in the collaborative consolidation of the results obtained from the evaluation process.
E-health, Usability, Heuristic evaluation, Web applications, Evaluation Assistant