Using Moodle as a training platform for cultural mediators

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In the last years, the evolution of e-learning platforms offers complex opportunities for teaching and training in the most diverse contexts and sectors of activity. The main goal of the project "Cultural Mediators for the Postal Sector" (CULMED) is to facilitate the third country nationals' integration into the host societies, through the post professionals and to involve the post organizations in the integration process. This process needs for qualified personnel in the postal sector. Staff training can be done through traditional means, but e-learning platforms are a much more efficient way. Among the most commonly used e-learning platforms, MOODLE has proven its usefulness over time in various training contexts. The purpose of this study is to present the implementation of a training course, using the MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) e-learning platform and the process to design a mobile application to be used with the MOODLE e-learning platform. At this time, trainees demand for personalized education is increasing due to competitiveness because the tests generate feedback, allowing to the trainees to see how they behave compared to their peers, stimulating the need for self-realization. In this paper we carry out an analysis of the existing Learning Management Systems - LMS to presents the advantage and disadvantages for each solution. Our elearning platform and mobile application are developed based on the experience with these applications. For the E-Learning platform we are using MOODLE and for the mobile application we will develop a native Android application based on the specification from this analysis.
e-Learning platform, MOODLE, online course, cultural mediators, mobile application