Depth-based human activity recognition: vINCI case study

The growing aging of the world's population is leading to the need to take assistance measures and prepare health care systems for the elderly. The innovative vINCI system provides technologies and uses smart devices that can non-invasively monitor the activity of elderly, to intervene in case of alerts, to prevent possible health problems, such as falling, in the same time to keep their life independent and to improve their quality of life. Monitoring physical activity of the elderly with the help of smart cameras is important in identifying one of the most important lifestyle risk factors for many chronic conditions in the older age. In this paper there are presented the microservice-based vINCI architecture and how an Orbbec Persee camera is used to monitor the physical activity as well as to recognize the elderly. The advantages of the monitoring physical activity application consist in detecting a low level of activity or detecting health problems allowing intervention and correction of an unhealthy lifestyle.
vINCI platform, elderly, Orbecc Persee camera, activity recognition, Nuitrack