An optimization model for equipment procurement in a data center

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Last decades witnessed a significant increasing in energy consumption in data centers and server rooms. More powerful equipment and more complex IT services have been driving to more power demand. Since infrastructure and energy costs in data centers have become a central factor in IT management, a range of technologies has been developed to increase energy efficiency. New hardware and power management options support energy saving strategies. An appropriate procurement plan is essential for building an efficient data center. With the rapid changing of technology and limited IT budgets, the procurement of data center equipment can be a difficult and costly task. Data center managers have to take into account that the server running costs depend on the energy consumption of servers. In order to perform a sustainable equipment procurement in a data center the managers should take into account the costs of equipment provided by different suppliers, the performance assessed by various criteria and the amount of money available for their purchase. However, the compromise between the cost and performance of equipment is an active domain of research. In the present paper, an optimization model for equipment procurement in a cloud data center is formulated. The model considers several types of equipment for data centers provided by different suppliers and manufacturing firms, their performances and their costs. The equipment performances are evaluated by several experts across several criteria. As a result a matrix of performances is built. A performance optimization model with budget constraints and limits for suppliers offer is formulated. A numerical example is studied.
optimization model, procurement, data center, power consumption minimization