Online system for assessing the implementation of the Digital Agenda in Romania

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In Romania, the Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) and the World Bank signed a Consultancy Services Agreement on to "Support for the Implementation of the National Strategy on the Digital Agenda for Romania 2014-2020". For a successful implementation of the Digital Agenda for Romania, the National Institute for Research Development in Informatics, supported by MCSI, developed an information management platform designed for collecting, evaluating and presenting data in intelligible format, in order to provide accurate and complete knowledge to support strategic decision making regarding the analyzed areas. For monitoring and assessing the implementation of the objectives in SNADR a set of indicators was specified, that are used for measuring the implementation of the national information society objectives. The platform shows series of user-friendly views, such as reports, charts, and graphs. The system can be used in the creation of advanced reports and statistics regarding the level of implementation of solutions pertaining to the information society, and to reflect objectively the degree to which the objectives set in the Digital Agenda for Romania are met. The paper presents the system objectives, the planning and development, main components, its architecture and the technology stack used in development.
information society, digital agenda, SNADR, national strategy, information society evaluation, digital indicators system