Shaping the future: between opportunities and challenges of the ongoing 4th and the forthcoming 5th industrial revolution

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The impact of the recent digital and innovative technological evolutions has, by all means,been major on every aspect of our lives, affecting and transforming our societies. We are living an eraof fast technological developments. Thus, we dare stating that the natural selection is not an optionanymore, but rather the forced evolution and only those looking for new creative, innovative solutionswill be able to survive, evolve and thrive in the future. We recently entered the 4th industrial revolutionand we are about to take the next step to the 5th one. But we have to question ourselves: are we trulyready to keep up with this alert pace of evolution? Are we prepared and aware of the opportunities andmost important of the challenges brought by the new technological revolutions? Therefore, our paperaims to analyse / evaluate in a more or less comprehensive approach, the current state of play of thedigital and innovative solutions (e.g.: artificial intelligence) and their future impact on publicadministration's and business environment activities, educational systems and on the society, as awhole. Through our paper we also want to underline that we do not have any guarantees on how the scenarios will unfold, but nevertheless, we do have the prerequisites to foresee those scenarios and prepare ourselves to respond in a common, integrated manner, informing and involving all stakeholders- the public and private sector, academia and civil society. Only taking this path we can make the mostout of it and generate added value, in terms of: more efficient and up-to-date public services, increasedquality of products and services provided by companies, a functional and sustainable labour market,implicit overall competitiveness and not at last, a better quality of life for citizens.
Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Revolution, Sustainability, Technological Evolution