Validation of the electronic reports issued by the electronic fiscal cash registers ExportValidator application

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With the change of the legislation in Romania, regarding the electronic fiscal cash registers, businesses have to equip themselves with devices that export the daily sales summary digitally, on an external storage device. The exported file must follow a well-defined structure and ensure data integrity by applying an included digital signature. Starting with 2018, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics − ICI Bucharest runs the technical certifying procedures for fiscal electronic equipment, being appointed by law as the certifying body. This involves verifying each cash register model marketed in Romania in order to issue the technical certification. Due to the high volume of devices submitted for testing, a manual check of the exported files requires both a long processing time and a broad knowledge of the cryptographic mechanisms involved in the digital signature procedure. In this context, the ExportValidator application was developed in order to automate the testing process and diminish the risk of human errors as much as possible. In this paper the application will be showcased, discussing some implementation details and some of the technologies used.
electronic fiscal cash registers, validation, testing, digital signature, cryptographic mechanisms