ICT advanced skills development – link between education and research

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This paper presents an important aspect to develop the ICT advanced skills for learners using all the facilities of ICT research institute. All the results of research ICT activity are formalized into a training programs which are being into Lifelong Learning Center developed into institute. National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics - I.C.I. Bucharest was established in 1970 and represents the most important Institute in information and communication technology development, research and innovation (ICT) in Romania. I.C.I. Bucharest has been a true source of computer experts over the years. In 1975, the institute had the first certified researchers in computer science in Romania, researchers who through their studies and research contributed to the development of this field. The I.C.I mission is to support excellence in research and innovation, to develop the knowledge economy in Romania and to better integrate into the European research area. The professional activity of the Institute is based on a high-performance technical infrastructure that can be adapted to the specific requirements of any ongoing project. The Lifelong learning Center is a structure within the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics – I.C.I Bucharest providing ICT training services under the conditions stipulated by law. The Center's mission is to promote innovation, to provide the framework for personal and professional development in ICT field, becoming a quality guarantor through the services offered and modern methods of organizing courses and defining itself by values such as professionalism, communication, creativity, efficiency, development and diversification of training programs. The Centre’s trainers are academics or researchers with a huge experience in ICT, which meet the need to improve learners and which create a scientific community to promote the ICT skills for all types of learners. The courses are authorized, and are carried out after a curriculum approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice and the Ministry of National Education and are structured in a theoretical and practical part. After completion of the courses, an examination is organized, following which participants obtain nationally and internationally recognized diplomas.
ICT skills, lifelong learning, training program