A conceptual model for a smart attendance system aimed at strengthening safety and security measures in schools

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The demand for ensuring and strengthening safety and security measures is constantly growing, requiring personalized monitoring of children throughout the school program. The education system should place greater emphasis on the presence and monitoring of students during the school year. A strong tracking system and managing and tracking student attendance can help improve safety and security in schools. Based on the analysis of the literature in the field, the author briefly presented notions related to RFID (RadioFrequency Identification), the benefits of this technology, and a conceptual model of an RFID presence monitoring system developed on an IoT platform. It is expected that the results obtained by using this system will be able to support the processing of school data, to automatically generate accurate statistical data and to be able to reduce data manipulation. The application will allow the permanent visualization of students’ presence by parents and teachers and their warning if the presence of students reaches a critical value, which is an element of novelty.
IoT, RFID, attendance system, children safety