Patient Profile Using Ontologies in an Older Adults Monitoring IoT-Based Platform

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The vINCI project proposes an approach for providing personalized assistance services for patients in an IoT-based ecosystem. In this context, the challenges remain to develop technologies that meet the needs of older adults, accommodate their cognitive and perceptual declines. One of the challenges to the effective design of such technologies is the understanding of the conceptual model of the older adult. vINCI offers a feasible opportunity for seniors to independently evaluate their quality of life and health status and receive a direct feedback which would enable them to take appropriate measures to improve their health status and prevent future negative events. In this paper, we present the design considerations for a profile of an elderly patient, as modeled in vINCI using ontologies. For vINCI care, the patient profile will be the input to provide personalized support for daily / medical activities. The profile will be used as evidence to evaluate the impact of vINCI on the perceived Quality of Life (QoL) level, allowing a proper adjustment (if needed) of the intervention support provided by caregivers.
Ontology, patient profile, vINCI project