An optimization model for sensor procurement in elderly monitoring

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Bucharest University of Economic Studies Press
The rapid increase in the number of elderly population is forcing rapid rises in healthcare costs. The development of wireless communication technologies, sensing technologies, embedded systems and nanotechnologies makes it possible to develop systems that monitor activities of elderly continuously. Sensors or collections of sensors, forming sensor architectures constitute an important fraction of the cost of an elderly monitoring solution. However, the compromise between the cost of procurement and the performance of a set of sensors is not yet well studied. In the paper, we have developed an optimization model for sensors procurement in elderly monitoring. This model considers the types of sensors for monitoring the elderly, the cost of these sensors provided by different suppliers, the performance assessed by various criteria and the amount of money available for their purchase. This model aims at aiding health management decisions. For validation the optimization model is applied to a case study.
elderly, health sensors, optimization model, sensor procurement