Improving the Quality of Life for Older People: From Smart Sensors to Distributed Platforms

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Due to the increased rhythm of aging population at world level, all countries need to prepare for this challenge their healthcare and social systems for the elderly. Thus, it appears the need of monitoring the older adults in order to increase their Quality of life (QoL) and wellbeing, this conducting to the development of ICT-based systems to solve these problems. These systems accelerate the transition from traditionally passive patients to patients as partners and change the relationship between patients and healthcare professionals. In this paper there is presented an architecture which constitutes the base for the development of an integrated and validated evidence-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform to deliver non-intrusive monitoring and support for older adults to augment professional healthcare giving. By integrating proven open-data analytics technology with innovative user-driven IoT devices, the platform aims to assist caregivers and provide smart care for older adults at out-patients clinics and outdoors.
elderly, healthcare, user profile, quality of life, IoT, sensors, system architecture