CloudWave: Content gathering network with flying clouds

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The necessity of achieving high streaming quality requires to combine the benefits of cloud computing with the verticals of a content delivery network into a robust, reliable, flexible and fault-tolerant system. This paper presents a solution for data acquisition, processing and Internet-enabled distribution of multimedia content. The objective is to propose an elastic content gathering network which handles media files delivered, for instance, by unmanned aerial vehicles, being further served on-demand to end users scattered over the globe. We have implemented the framework architecture, the system components with their attached responsibilities and capabilities, evaluating the performance based on the extensive simulations. The designed framework has been validated in terms of ensured correctness. Experimental results have proven the proper behavior of the built system by handling both types of requests, as for the storage of massive incoming data sets and for distributing content through multiple employed servers strategically placed in the proximity of the initiated requests’ locations. Furthermore, once an autonomous and scalable network has been successfully designed, the number of required surrogate servers dynamically adjusts to consume the multimedia services in a cost-efficient manner.
Data-intensive workloads, Content delivery network, Scalability, Cloud computing, Cloud storage, QoS