Evaluation in scientific research systems through web platforms, tools and online networks

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An evaluation system should be: simple, easy to verify, stable, transparent, coherent, universal and flexible. To quantify the results of the scientific research activity scientometric indicators were introduced. These are quantitative indicators such as the number of published articles, the number of citations received by a published paper, the number of projects won by competition, the impact factor, the Hirsch indicator. Evaluation of research performance is an increasingly important task in the era of digitalization, free access at information and diversification of specialized networks. A wide variety of individual and institutional websites are now available to maintain the global scientific community in relation to ongoing research projects, published articles, conferences, and collaboration opportunities. In the article, an analysis of the evaluation of the performance in scientific research is carried out by bibliometric and scientometric indicators. Online research networks and tools are analyzed, focusing on the bibliometric indicators provided by them. There are web-based research platforms that enable researcher profiles. Comparisons are made between software tools for research networks.
Web platform for research, bibliometric indicators, researcher profile, online tools for research, impact factor, Hirsch index