Optimization of the Critical Infrastructure Sector - Food Safety and Food Security Through Blockchain

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The study of critical infrastructures in Romania is necessary to surpass the generalist approach, which has been preferred so far in the few specialized studies that have been carried out. Of course, a general view on the sectors, subsectors or criteria that qualify certain entities as critical infrastructure was extremely necessary in order to identify the effects of affecting the activities of these entities or to set up plans for crisis management or clear procedures for their routine operation. But for a country in order to become competitive and to succeed beyond the current level, it is necessary to approach the critical infrastructure subsectors in order to identify and propose new ways to optimize them, especially by incorporating the latest technologies. In this paper we aim to address the need to optimize the traceability of food products using blockchain technology, respectively a chain of blocks that stores information, which once received a timestamp can no longer be modified.
blockchain, food products, traceability of good products, critical infrastructure