IT Solutions Designed for the Management of Activities in the Romanian Public Institutions

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This paper presents an extended research in the field of optimization intended for organizational processes undertaken by the Romanian public entities. Among other objectives, this paper aims at developing the main components (modules) of an integrated information system designed for the management of activities (IISMA), that would enable Romanian public institutions to better manage the ever increasing flow of information by making use of their own resources and specific activities, as well as the functional software modules and the open-source applications. The system is flexible, versatile and transparent in terms of access and location of information, data replication and updating in distributed databases, control procedures, transfer of data, ensuring the feedback for a continuous comparison and evaluation of the actions undertaken in relation to what has previously been planned. IISMA is based on open – source solutions and functional software modules, which aim to reduce the complexity of the conceptual separation between strategic decision and operational activities.
Integrated information system for management of activities, Public institutions interoperability, Open-source solutions, Modelling platforms