AQUAM—A Decision Support Software for Fish Farm Management

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In this paper, a software for management and decision support in a fish farm is presented. The software called AQUAM is dedicated to fresh water fish farms. Its aim is to make an efficient management of resources through planning, monitoring, analysis and decision support. Successful planning and management requires the integration of data related to ponds, fish species, fish growth, water and energy and economic analysis. AQUAM computes farm budgets relating various costs and returns in order to determine short and long term profitability. A simulation of the profit, as a function of the fish holding density, is performed with AQUAM. The data used in the simulation are from a fish farm of semi-intensive type, located in the region Danube Delta, at village Jurilovca, Tulcea county, Romania. The fish species that were taken into account were carp and sanger.
Decision support software, Fish farm, Firm management, Profit, Fish holding density, Simulation