Demythisation Of Interfaces In OOP

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The current material aims at introducing several considerations designed to clarify the topic of interfaces ˗ a remarkable software development tool, while at the same time a very challenging (burdensome) concept pertaining to Object Oriented Programming. Modern scientific literature includes a substantial number of written materials (tedious and purely descriptive in nature) dedicated exclusively to listing an inventory of the anatomical structure and functional tasks of interfaces, whereas only a negligible percentage of the currently available scientific works would dare to indicate correctly (though chaotically and inconsistently) the operating processes supported by interfaces. The contribution of the present paperwork is to identify and dismantle the most widely spread misconceptions about interfaces; to provide accurate and clear descriptions of the key notions and fundamental mechanisms lying at the core of interfaces activity; to equip the reader with the necessary skills as well as with the full motivation needed to incorporate interfaces into the code-development strategies. Last but not least, even though this material primarily addresses software developers, we hope that it could also represent a beneficial eye-opener for all individuals willing to capture a good understanding of the seemingly “capricious and hard-to-read” persona of the saga of Object Oriented Programming.
Interface, misconceptions, benefit of using, drawbacks of not using, OOP