Scheduling in CloudSim of Interdependent Tasks for SLA Design

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One of the most recent concepts in the framework of today’s distributed systems is Cloud Computing. A very difficult problem that needs to be addressed is the management of the Cloud. When designing a Cloud scheduling strategy, the design trade-offs of the Cloud architecture should be evaluated. The easiest way to evaluate this infrastructure is to use a simulation tool (in this case CloudSim simulation toolkit). This article examines three different algorithms that consider the scheduling of tasks in Cloud, which are described as Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) (interdependent tasks). The results of the scheduling algorithms are valuable because they are helpful for the design of the Cloud Computing scheduling algorithms and for the design of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract whose members are the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and the Cloud Service Customers (CSCs). This paper shows that the selection of the scheduling algorithms is useful in the design of the SLA contract.
Scheduling in Cloud, CloudSim, SLA parameters, Directed Acyclic Graphs