Acceptability of Digital Quality of Life Questionnaire Corroborated with Data from Tracking Devices

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The vINCI technology has a modular construction therefore the acceptability of each device will be assessed and further technological adaptation and modification will be performed based on older peoples feedback in a step by step manner. To avoid biased feedback and outcome due to previous usage of vINCI devices, different samples of seniors will be selected for each stage of the vINCI testing and validation. The vINCI modular technology comprises of different devices such as intelligent tablet (IT), smart watch (SW), smart insole (SI) and smart camera (SC). At this stage of the study we are testing the acceptability of a digital Quality of Life Questionnaire and we want to determine what information offers each type of tracking devices. The results of the study will allow us to determine at what stage of evolution of subjects over the age of 65 it will be necessary to introduce each of the four devices in order to obtain enough data or information to make decisions that prevent the aggravation of some diseases, or various accidents at home or during persons walking.