Clinically-validated INtegrated Support for Assistive Care and Lifestyle Improvement: the Human Link - vINCI - Preliminary Report on Clinical Architecture

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Digital technology has the potential to benefit the lives of older people, enabling them to live independently and providing the support to implement preventive health care, health education and promotion measures. The ViNCI project, funded under the Ambient Assisted Living programme, aims to develop an IoT-based eco-system technology constructed to offer a platform for early identification of health related problems. The most important feature of the ViNCI user-centric and privacy-aware technology is that the user is able to independently identify his/hers health risks and to receive direct feedback with specific recommendations. On an active screen tablet, seniors are able to self-complete a standardized questionnaire that assesses their quality of life across multiple domains. If their quality of life scores below the optimal level, evaluation of their psychological well-being and objective assessment of their physical activity level will be performed in a stepwise manner.